Delivery terms

The delivery term, suitable on the order confirmation , it is indicative, therefore it doesn┬ęt constitute essential condition of the contract.
The products are sold ex works. Partial shipments are admitted previous accord with the buyer; all consequential risks from the transport remain however to load of the buyer, also in case of different term agreed. The transport of the goods can be insured on demand of the buyer and the relative costs will be to his charge.
The complaints for lacking or damaged goods must be communicated immediately writing the complaint on the document of transport and asking the countersignature of the courier.


Every possibles complaints must reach within the peremptory term of 8 days from the reception goods. Rhesuses of goods are not approved if not authorized preventively from Gruppo Norton; in this case the costs of transport are to charge of the buyer. The products reach without preventive authorization will be refused and re-sent to the sender and the costs of the transport will be charged to him.


Gruppo Norton reserve the right to charge default interest, in case nonpayment or delayed payment by the customer. Gruppo Norton reserve the right to suspend supplies in case of irregularities or delays in payments by the customer. Gruppo Norton reserve the right to suspend supplies in case of exceeded limit credit assigned to the customer.


Gruppo Norton products hare warranty for 2 years from production date reported on the number of each single product. The warranty covers free repair or replacement of the parts recognized as faulty by Gruppo Norton. Gruppo Norton providing the guarantee directly or through the authorized dealership.
The materials to be repaired or replaced under warranty must be sent to Gurppo Norton or to the authorized repair centers free payment and they will be sent back to the customer ex work. The replaced material shall remain property of Gruppo Norton. No compensation is recognized over of the stoppages period. The intervention does not prolong the time warranty. Gruppo Norton reserve the right to no providing the guarantee in case the automatism system does not consist entirely of originals parts and also in case the buyer is in default payment. The validity guarantee is conditional to the respect of indications for use and maintenance contained in the instruction manual of products.

Warranty restrictions:

The warranty is not applicable in the followings cases:
- failure or damage caused by transport;
- failure or damage caused by defects of electric plant and|or by neglect, negligence or inadequacy of the plant to use destination, also in case of abnormal use.
- failure or damage caused by tampering by unauthorized personnel;
- failure or damage caused by components and spare parts not original;
- defects caused by chemical agents or atmospheric phenomena;
- failure or damage caused by consumables materials;

Court of Jurisdiction

Place of jurisdiction in case of disputes is Palermo - Italy